MICCAI Workshop: October 8th, 14:00-18:00 UTC

This challenge is part of MICCAI 2020: the 23rd International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention. This year, MICCAI will be held from October 4th to 8th, virtually.

As part of the conference, the challenge organizers will host a workshop on October 8th, from 14:00-18:00 UTC. The results of the PANDA challenge will be presented during the workshop. Additionally, we will have invited talks and show the first results of the teams' performance on external data. 


The PANDA workshop at MICCAI 2020 is sponsored by ContextVision, Ibex and Google


MICCAI Workshop - schedule

Please note this schedule is subject to change.
All times are in UTC.

14.00–14.35: Introduction

14.00: Introduction by the organizers.
Speakers: Wouter Bulten & Kimmo Kartasalo

14.10: Introduction on the clinical problem of prostate cancer.
Speakers: Martin Eklund & Geert Litjens

14.30: Overview of challenge.
Speaker: Hans Pinckaers

14.45–14.55:  Break
Break and possibility for questions in the chat.
14.55–15.35:  Team presentations
14.55: Team Aksell
Speaker: Shujun He
19th place (QWK 0.9274)

15.05: Team Dmitry A. Grechka
Speaker: Dmitry Grechka
17th place (QWK 0.9283)

15.15: Team UCLA Computational Diagnostics Lab
Speaker: Wenyuan Li
This team has been removed from the Kaggle leaderboard (QWK 0,9286)

15.25: Team lafoss: Concatenate tile pooling approach for end-to-end Gleason grading of biopsies
Speaker: Maxim Shugaev
11th place (QWK 0.9301)

15.35–15.50:  Break

Break and possibility for questions in the chat.

15.50–16.30:  Team presentations

15.50: Team ChienYiChi
Speaker: Jianyi Ji
8th place (QWK 0.9323)

16.00: Team BarelyBears
Speaker: Hiroshi Yoshihara
6th place (QWK 0.9326)

16.10: Team Save The Prostate: Gleason grading of biopsies with tile-based inputs
Speaker: Rui Guo
2nd place (QWK 0.9377)

16.20: Team PND
Speaker: Yusuke Fujimoto
1st place (QWK 0.9409)

16.30–16.45:  Break
Break and possibility for questions in the chat.
16.45–17.00:  Invited talk

Speakers: Cameron Chen & Kunal Nagpal from Google Health 

17.00–18.00: Results, award ceremony and panel discussion
17.00: Results on external data and generalization award
17.15: Q&A and panel discussion with teams
17.45: Award ceremony for most innovative method and best presentation
17.55: Closing statement