MICCAI workshop - additional awards

Three additional awards

As part of the MICCAI workshop, we are introducing three additional awards on top of the competition prizes. The three new awards are:

Most innovative method award (€ 1000, runner-up € 250)

We incentivized new and innovative methods for automatically grading prostate cancer. Based on the write-ups, code, and presentation, we will pick one winner and a runner-up. This award is not necessarily linked to the leaderboard score.

Best video presentation award (€ 500, runner-up € 250)

During the MICCAI workshop, presentations will be graded based on overall presentation quality, clarity, presentation skills, etc. A jury will decide on the best presentation and a runner-up.

Best generalization performance award (€ 1000, runner-up € 250)

As part of the scientific paper, methods will be evaluated on external unseen data. In the end, the efforts of this competition should go towards building models that can work in clinical practice. The method that achieves the best performance across all datasets will win. This unseen data will be in the same format as the competition’s test set but differences in staining and scanners are to be expected.

Prizes will be awarded during the award ceremony of the workshop.